I have made myself a tapestry and need to post photos of it. I sewed this tapestry a few months ago but haven’t gotten around to posting it untill now. I made the tapestry in a banner style shape that I think adds up to over six feet long.

The photo below is the full blurry image of the tapestry



The next photos will be closer up

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Wall decorations

I am always finding new ideas for other ways to create tapestries and wall hangings, and I always keep photos I can find. So I decided to make a post to collect most of the pictures. These pictures feature not only wall hangings but various fabrics and textiles I would really love to incorporate into tapestries of my own.



I love this wall hanging pictured above because it’s a simple statement the texture, color, materials and tassels are all elements I love working with.


282052ca232f156b2551fedb628f35de This picture to the left also features tassels.

The series of photos below are of beautiful textured blankets that feature a bit of sparkle, shaggy, ivory and silver elements that I love, and this really inspires me with a lot of what I have been working with.

tumblr_mfstqpxu8M1r7fsa9o1_500SONY DSCy11dccee06b98da8c4d1ffd59c7576f71cd0c787f20615b483e9b0d437d84f2d692


The series below is a new take on the dream catcher that I have been seeing around a lot.




The next series is of macrame and loom woven wall hangings that always add good texture to any wall.


349df6290f37fd4eae689014e8803b44tumblr_m28spsZtFa1r4cywbo1_500hd_21e50c1b30b03c38251a6602b01a7f1ahd_0e8c604e267683c518c8c87f6905147bhouse of maryanne textile weave wall hangingdining room and  wall art


The next series is of the type of western and moroccan patterns and textiles I always love, and are possibly the biggest source of inpiration with any decor.

tumblr_mk0dqgipbz1r09rglo1_500tumblr_mglhrzvQJw1qe9q4vo1_500bf3fd6e90c7779763f6d32280bfaaa0768fdc8af36bc318d0fa0d7dedcc92163vinatge berber kilim246373374.tif


The next series is all about flags because they always present a new and interesting base to work off from when I make tapestries.




The next and last sereis is of showing any other fabrics styled or sewn in ways that inspire my wall decorations.

fp display tapestriesgypsyden1tumblr_mjd1ugeSnX1qjxnl0o1_5001005carlymatthew_2048ElenaStonaker7ElenaStonaker3


The last picture below is a reference to an idea I had for another wall hanging I want to make but I have no wall space for. I want to make a tapestry of belts palced at different layers and add in other textures of trims and maybe a little bit of fabrics peeking out from the belts. I love this idea because it would give me a reason to buy all the second hand belts I like that I always find but can never fit, and also becuase it would add an amazing rich texture to a wall. The picture is from a Free People vintage buyer’s home and it features the exact kind of belts I want to use because they are radom, textural, different sizes and all look very expensive and worn which would make for a perfect wall accent.