New finds

I was recently out and about and found two great finds at a local secondhand store and these were the items I found:

1.As I have posted I have been on the hunt for a quilted black leather Chanel bag and I unexpectedly found one. I’m not sure if this bag is a real Chanel however for only $4.00 it really doesnt matter, and even if it is a fake I still got the best deal.

DSC07316 DSC07317 DSC07294


2. Something else at this store also caught my eye. I found an indian looking embroidered dashiki dress. However though It looks stunning as a dress It was not a good fit so I proceeded to cut it into a shirt and sew side pannels in it to give it a flare and I love it so much more as a tunic. I will get around to posting the pictures of the dress turned tunic hopefully soon.

DSC07300 DSC07301DSC07307 DSC07303 DSC07305 DSC07311

New Finds

I went to a local secondhand shop a few days ago and missed some things so I went back today and snatched up a few more goodies.

DSC06242 DSC06248 DSC06247

Above is a beautiful dress I couldn’t believe I found it but still haven’t figured out how I will wear it yet.

DSC06264 DSC06257 DSC06262

Above is a really great floral velvet blazer thats fits very nicely.

DSC06291 DSC06283 DSC06285 DSC06270

Sometimes I just really love living in Montana because you can find a fringe leather jacket here at a secondhand store for $15. This white leather jacket is wonderful.

DSC06309 DSC06311 DSC06308

I found this cool denim utility style button dress today and totally under estimated how cool it looks on I really love this dress and will probably wear it a lot.

DSC06312 DSC06313

I also got this striped denim skirt to that I think is really nice.

DSC06359 DSC06346 DSC06349


Above is an emptied out vintage compact that a friend just recently gave to me and I automatically filled it with little goodies. I think it’s so cute and useful.