Jan/Feb. wishlist

I realize I forgot to make a wishlist ¬†for the month of January so I decided to combine it with this month’s.

1. I just bought this bag on etsy

il_fullxfull.521224147_amur il_fullxfull.521153612_dwwl


2. I plan to buy these sandals also




3. I’m always interested in finding fashion related grafic T’s like these of designer Chanel, my fav. model Cara, a vintage Vogue print button up, and the last one unrelated to fashion but a Gatsby sweatshirt



large Black-Score-Cara-Delevingne-T-Shirt-265x283 1s5r9z-l-610x610-shirt-t-shirt-cara-delevingneil_570xN.559937981_ahpo5b6bc4634c18e8d0d74a87ec912b31ef


4. Tibetan coin necklaces



5. Free People black harem pants



6. embeleshed robe


December wishlist

So I have not made the wishlist in a timely manor this month, however it is because the month of christmas requires a specific list that I want to be seprate and unrelated to this post.

so let the post begin

1. This kimono I found on ebay

$_58-9 $_58-10


2. This beaded kimono jacket also from ebay

$_58 $_58-6 $_58-5 $_58-4 $_58-3 $_58-2


3. another kimono this one is from etsy

il_fullxfull.520495687_743a il_fullxfull.520427764_he9p


4. another kimono from ebay (can’t afford but still love)

$_3-7 $_3-4 $_3-2 $_3-8 $_3-9 $_3-10 $_3-6 $_3-5


5. at a local antique store i saw a leather tooled ottoman I absolutely loved I was unable to photograph it but i’ve found similar looking ottoman pictures to show in its place. The ottoman was much more worn and used then these but also had much more detailed tooling of aztec or mayan design.

dsc_0021 dsc_0020 dsc_0022 8528598_2 1167111


6. dresses from etsy

il_570xN.519856128_74nr il_570xN.519856138_iw99 il_570xN.538953439_zm8c il_570xN.458252013_kpkn il_570xN.458242836_5iak il_570xN.458242180_ppjn il_570xN.458242150_irq1