Fashion Sketches

I’ve been inspired to make a few more fashion sketches and this time they are sketches of more of my own personal designs.


fashion sketch blue dress


The sketch above has a lot of texture and color, but the color isn’t actually translated as I imagine it. The top of the dress should be a bit darker and subdued almost like a denim type blue and the bottom of the dress would have a much more dip dyedlook to it. Then for fabrics I imagine the top being an intricate, light weight knit material and bottom being made of a gauzy material like clothing from Jens Pirate Booty. The pictures below show the type of fabric I picture for the top of my dress. The picture on the left shows a knit on the bottom of the dress that is the exact color and weight I want the fabric to be in, and the picture on the right shows a sweater made with a knit that is the exact level of intricacy.

26387118_066_a  27285428_030_a


The next dress below is my favorite design I really hope I get the chance to make someday.

fashion sketch champagne gown

When ever I design I always like to imagine what kind of person I picture wearing my designs and with this dress I like to picture someone like Mila Kunis wearing it and from the history of her gowns it makes it easier to imagine it on her because its the same basic silhouettes and fabrics.



Now back to the design of the dress – I imagine this dress being made of champagne/taupe colored silk and tulle and under layer of lace. There were alot of dresses that inspired this sketch in some small way or another    – pictured in the dresses below

vera-wang-spring-2010-wedding-dresses-cocoa-taupe-color-strapless-tulle-intricate-rose-like-fabric-design.original this dress has the exact color i want and some of the same fabrics.

27436427_011_b this dress shows how I want the tulle layer under the silk layer to look, it has a more subtle feminine layer of ruffles and also a layer of lace cascading into the tulle however in my design the lace will be much lower on the dress and be covered by a silk layer

tumblr_m58dr45pZA1r09f27o1_500 and in this picture the dress in the middle is the inspiration because though I have not sketched my design exactly the same I picture the over layer of silk on the bottom having the same flowy draping in the back then a less heavy draping in the front.

This last dress was hoenstly poorly drawn but I stand by the idea I had in mind. I imagined this dress being very 50’s inspired with the color blocking and drop waist but in the picture the drop waist line and hem line look several inches longer than I would have wanted and I would have the teal color be a much richer jewel tone and the yellow pannels be a much darker mustard yellow. An extra design idea with this dress that can’t be seen by a drawing is that on the bottom of the dress there are yellow pannels that make a box shape and frame the outside of pockets that would be put in. I will probably redo this design at some time with all the changes so that it looks better and I will make sure to post it.

fashion sketch teal 50s dress