My wish list for May

I am always making personal wish lists and I realized a great way to organize and immortalize my list is to post the things on my blog, so I plan to make a monthly wish list where I can keep all of my thoughts in line. Though I won’t be getting the majority of the things on my wish list it will be nice to refer to.

1. I have started a small record collection and so far I only have a vintage Earth, Wind, and Fire record and a Fleet Foxes record and I hope to find some Stevie Wonder or Al Green records but those are going to be really hard to find at a good price. It has been a lot easier to find recent records so the next one I want to get is the Radiohead record: In Rainbows, It’s my favorite radiohead album.


2. I also want get some T-shirts of some musicians I like. It’s so hard to find T-shirts of good musicians, everything I always find that is remotely close to musicians I listen to are over played and cheapened, so I want something more special and unfortunately I’m going to have to find online. So I would like some shirts of artists like Joss Stone, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Janis Joplin, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, or maybe even some Soul Train design would be great.

rkn001tb-reckon-kidstee-lgthumb_josswhiteflower 406_AlGreen-ch-wt-R_10




3. I always want Free People clothing and right now I really want a few things like their Easy Pleat Pant $78.00



4. I also really want a dress from Free people that is completely out of my price range but I love it ! Free people is always coming out with beautiful white dresses and I am constanly drooling over them. I want the Mexican wedding dress $198.00 This dress has been on my wish list for almost half a year and I keep hoping it might go on sale but it will probably sell out before that will happen.



5. I also really want another dress from Free People named Embroidered Fable Dress at $168.00 and this one again I keep hopeing will go on sale.



6. I’m also always looking for a good pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s that I can afford or some good look alikes and have yet to find a pair in either a heel a boot or a pair of mules preferably in black. I love Jeffrey Campbell !

shopbop-jeffrey-campbell-bullet-cap-heels Jeffrey-Campbell-Everly-Boot-Bone-Gold-Buckles THE JEFFREY CAMPBELL FACTOR 24881310_001_a-1 JCAM-WZ238_V1 pic_67_1341822833 pic_67_1334416390

Fashion Sketches

I have more fashion sketches 😀

So this first sketch is just another one of many that are inspired by an outfit I want to assemble, so the shirt is a poorly drawn version of my best friends Pink Floyd shirt I try to borrow as much as I can and the pants are a pair of red trousers from Free People that I have been eyeing for a month or sketch fp trouser 2

The next two sketches are just variations of the same design I thought of about a month ago. I really don’t have a clear idea of what I’m imagining so I tried to draw it a couple of different ways and I think the solution is somewhere in the middle so I’ll probly have to draw it again sometime in the future. In the design I imagine a very ocean inspired dress with a flowy silk dip dyed in light to dark teals and the top will be sort of drapey around the bands that cross the bust but it hard to show in a drawing, though I basically have the idea of the dress somewhere between these two sketches.



fashion sketch ocean dress 1

fashion sketch ocean dress 2