August Wishlist

I know it’s too early for the August wish list but I already have it all picked out so why not post it. This list has a lot of goodies 🙂

1. The first on the list is an item I know basically nothing about but I waaannnt it ssooo bad! This hand bag is a total mystery because I don’t know what designer made it or where I could buy it and I could probably look a bit more and find it but maybe it’s best left as a mystery.



2. The next item I want is something I have wanted for a really long time but I have just recently been thinking about more lately. I really want a vintage kimono robe and I always had a specific I dea of what I want It to look like and always pictured a full length kimono with only floral for the design pattern with either faded red/orange or pink for the main color and I found the perfect kimono on ebay but I probably won’t be getting it 🙁

D650 (2) D650 (4) D650 kimono04 imagespink kimono 1920s_silk_embroidered_salmon_pink_kimono vintagesilkpinkkimono_04 6a00e55378e88988340133effed5c0970b-800wi vintagesilkpinkkimono_02 vintagesilkpinkkimono_06 ori_1436_2018801003_1126348_IMG_2628 ori_1436_279915163_1126348_IMG_2629

3. The next thing on my wish list is a book I have been wanting for awhile.  The Bohemian Grove  is about a really interesting conspiracy I knew very little about and now I really want to read the book because it is crazy how something so obvious has been so illusive to me. Though I finally put in an order at Barnes and Noble so it should be in with in the week.



4. Another item I want is also an item I have thought about a lot for a while- a fur coat

6152cfad26fcedce32ee629966b496bc Kate-main_2598840a Kate Moss on a photoshoot, London, Britain  - 24 Jun 2013 Screen-shot-2013-03-03-at-11.04.48-AM mary-kate-ashley-olsen-greene-tim-burton-03-550x824 1fannythilda14 1fannythilda15 tumblr_m829l24Tr81qj6yu8o1_500 26127290_020_0 25873167_001_a vintagecoat1008-41-2T vintagejacket10257-3T


5. Chanel ! I also have been obsessed with a Chanel bag and it will never go off my list.