Collages :)

I have been making more collages lately, even though they are sort of a silly medium for art I think their so much fun to make and they look really cool when done right. My edges are always messy but it’s a hard thing to prevent when straightening the edges can mean cutting off important or interesting pieces. Either way I still really like the way they look, especially when you look at them all together.

So these first two are old but I haven’t posted yet.

collage august 2013

collage august 2013 2

The next two I just recently made.

collage august 2013 3 collage august 2013 4


The ones below are the old ones that I have already posted but I want to show all the collages I have made together.

collage 1 collage 2 collage 3 collage 4 collage 5

The Season for Street Style

I wanted to make a post about great street style so I have collected together some of my favorite pictures of great street style to post. I’m excited for the fall season because I ┬áthink of it as the season for street style which means leather jackets, old T shirts, and baggy jeans, and the occasional hat.


tumblr_mjvpuhlbt01rhc8xfo1_50029090842_004_a 27810381_001_a 26142950_004_a grove-fashion-7 Streetgeist cara_delevingne_street_style_hyyYHS31.sized style-profile-cara-delevigne--large-msg-135483032447 cara-style-2086265295 cara-delevigne-vogue-22apr13-wen_b_592x888 cara-street-style-1--a Cara-Delevingne-Pepe-1 cara-delevingne--z originalmodel Cara_Delevingne 28918852_004_e 28519114_040_a tumblr_mpp7n4idGL1qh9fbwo1_500 28904019_001_a 28305134_023_0 25802737_023_a 25802737_040_e 28681583_001_0 28681583_001_a 27315209_022_a 26820217_091_a alexa_chung-gal-vfest08 20150.0.zoom Nightingale-Angel-Duster-5612 freepeople_tresawesome-1 4-16-office-style-10 mary-kate_olsen-1 When did Mary Kate Olsen start smoking? 1/1