My Jewelry

In addition to being an artist I also have a huge passion and enjoyment in making jewelry. I almost only wear my own jewelry and have been selling my jewelry in many stores around town for years.

The first ones are simple pendant necklaces.DSC05862DSC05865DSC04230


The two pictures below are two sides of one pendant.



The two pictures below are two sides of one pendant.





The next kinds are some rosary necklaces.



The next ones are some breasts plates.



This big picture is a collection of about half of my hand made jewelry collection, there are many of my breast plates pictured in it.

The pictures below are just a few of an inspiration collection. When I make jewelry I like to lay out all the things I have, that I either haven’t finished or that I want to use on something to help me think of ideas or give me inspiration.



The ones below are some of my multi-chain necklaces. I really love the one directly below with the pink shells.DSC05890DSC05893DSC05895DSC03234


also while I’m making jewelry I like to make little inspiration board type assemblies of my jewelry bits I’d like to use

DSC06649 DSC06653 DSC06650DSC06439 DSC06440 DSC06443 DSC06444 DSC06459 DSC06462 DSC06469 DSC06470 DSC06476 DSC06471 DSC06477 DSC06481 DSC06483 DSC06484 DSC06486 DSC06487 DSC06489 DSC06491 DSC06493 DSC06498 DSC06499 DSC06501 DSC06519 DSC06520 DSC06521 DSC06523 DSC06524 DSC06530 DSC06527


DSC07224 DSC07233 DSC07236 DSC07237 DSC07240 DSC07250 DSC07246 DSC07259 DSC07251 DSC07266 DSC07260 DSC07267 DSC07268 DSC07275

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